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Agile Library Transformation Through the Use of Concept Mapping in Information Literacy Instructions: A Journey into Research-based Visual Inquiry Integration of the ACRL framework into the Information Literacy curriculum have been a focal point of many instructional librarians in the recent years with the attempts to reconstruct and reevaluate Information Literacy approaches and to deeper integrate it into the curriculum. This poster will discuss an application of the knowledge practices of the ACRL framework through the visual concept mapping process as part of the search strategy assignments during Information Literacy sessions.

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Due to the versatility and adaptability of the concept map, it can be successfully applied in a variety of the educational contexts. This poster will demonstrate how visual concept mapping, being an authentic and meaningful learning tool, can be integrated into the search strategy assignment, allowing students to express their research topic more creatively, thus facilitating more productive searching techniques and iterative process of knowledge construction.

Speakers MS Marta Samokishyn. Defining Digital Theology: Barthian Reflections on the Role of Open Access and Electronic Publishing in the Theological Toolkit As a Student member of the Atla Press Coordinating Council, the presenter has spent the past eight months evaluating, developing, and implementing digital tools to support the Press' initiatives in open access scholarship.

Fox the Fireside is an event hosted by the George Fox University librarians each semester, designed to showcase the intellectual and creative output of a campus community member or group student, staff, faculty and invite the university community to participate in conversation centered around a topic of campus-wide interest.

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Through this event, we have created a hospitable, inviting, inclusive space for conversation that furthers the library's mission to be a place for holistic connection, innovative creation, and authentic contribution. Living Library events provide unique opportunities for people to engage with one another in a supportive environment which encourages questions and open mindedness, and recognizes that stories have value. This poster will outline the development of CU Boulder's inaugural Living Library held in spring and the expanded Living Library held in March , share the outcomes of the events, and provide advice for those interested in developing their own Living Library.

Speakers LR Lindsay Roberts.

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JS Juleah Swanson. Atla Association Update During this session, Executive Director Brenda Bailey-Hainer will provide an overview of association accomplishments from the past year. Thursday June 13, pm - pm Grand Ballroom. Anglican Denominational Group Meeting. Baptist Denominational Group Meeting.

Campbell-Stone Denominational Group Meeting Librarians affiliated personally or institutionally with the Campbell-Stone tradition meet to network, exchange news, and get updates on the Stone-Campbell Teaching Archive. CB Carisse Berryhill.

Lutheran Denominational Group Meeting. Thursday June 13, pm - pm Gulf Islands B.

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Thursday June 13, pm - pm Gulf Islands C. Methodist Denominational Group Meeting. Open Conversation Circle This is an "Open Conversation Circle" that will be held during the Denominational Meetings for those who do not identify with any particular denomination, but want to dialog and visit with others at this time.


Thursday June 13, pm - pm Port Hardy. Orthodox Denominational Meeting. Thursday June 13, pm - pm Gulf Islands D. Roman Catholic Denominational Group Meeting. Friday , June Peter Elliott will lead the service. Enter through the main entrance.

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Speakers PG Peter G. Friday June 14, am - am Christ Church Cathedral. The link to RSVP will be sent later in a separate email invitation. Friday June 14, am - am Junior Ballroom D. Contemporary Religious Literature Conversation Group The gathered group discusses the books they've read over the past year. All type of genres are discussed.

The plus side is you generally come away with a list of books to check out! DW Donna Wells. Small Libraries Interest Group Meeting agenda docx. Friday June 14, am - am Parksville. Sacred Space We will be providing a sacred space for conference attendees to have a place of personal or communal reflection. Friday June 14, am - pm Gulf Islands A. Stories of starvation, assimilation, and cultural and physical genocide towards Indigenous children, who were government-mandated participants in the Indian Residential School system, were laid painfully bare.

In our collective sadness, and, for many, shock, our Nation was asked to bear witness to this truth and to begin a journey toward reconciliation. With foundation-building work needed on personal, spiritual, and professional levels for many information professionals about Indigenous histories and current contexts, Indigenous librarians and archivists are increasingly called upon to assist their colleagues in learning what public schools previously failed to teach.

This conversation will connect concepts of allyship to examples from practice so that participants can begin to support and extend the capacity of Indigenous colleagues from a place of humble understanding and respect. The work of the X wi7 x wa Library and the Indigitization program offer insights to the work of Indigenization and Decolonization, as well as a pathway for the work of Reconciliation in library settings. Sarah is the convenor of the F Friday June 14, am - am Grand Ballroom.

Developing Research Training Services at Asbury Seminary Research services is a crucial component in theological librarianship and providing those services becomes continually more challenging as curriculum shifts away from research papers and toward reflection papers. At Asbury, we have been working to develop research training and services to a wide variety of students on-campus, off-campus, masters, doctoral as well as faculty both local and international. Come and listen to the strategies used to develop, market and provide these services to a diverse group of patrons.

Custer Research Training Development pptx. Streaming Video for Theological Education Recent research reveals significant differences between theological libraries and other academic libraries in the licensing and use of streaming video. The comparable trends raises significant questions about support of digital pedagogy in theological education, as well as the potential for new products that meet the curricular priorities and budgetary capacities of theological libraries. This session will review recent research and identify opportunities for licensing of streaming videos among Atla institutions.

Speakers JW John Weaver. Friday June 14, am - am Port Alberni. A perennial discussion is the future of cataloging in the library profession. Are catalogers going the way of the blacksmith because computers and automation are changing what is expected and what is capable of being achieved in this area of library work? Are catalogers clinging to methods and expectations that are disappearing?

Are directors simply waiting for catalogers to retire so that they can replace them by someone who isn't such a Luddite? Are directors expecting a guaranteed future or one that remains elusive because technology doesn't have all the answers to providing the access librarians would like to see? Are catalogers and directors moving in irreconcilable opposite directions? This panel presentation by two directors and a cataloger will consider these hot-button issues, trying to throw more light and less heat on the discussion, attempting to find a middle ground between perceptions and realities that will enable us all, catalogers and directors, to move our profession forward.

Moderators RL Richard Lammert. HH Heather Hicks. TP Tom Phillips. Stephen Sweeney Director of the Library, St. John Vianney Theological Seminary. Friday June 14, am - am Junior Ballroom C.

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Global Learning and the Myth of Borders: Examining Theological Education and Librarianship through World-Systems Theory In the last few years, the language of "globalism" and "borders" has been pervasive in the narratives of politics and social commentary. Despite the flurry of opinions, debates, and claims of "fake news," those who are practitioners in theological education broadly speaking, and theological librarianship, specifically, recognize the deep and profound reality of global education, and the impact that it has on both domestic students and the international representation of students and faculty as one community of learners, practitioners, and seekers.

In this paper, we will look at how the language of "globalism" has been expressed both in popular terms and theological terms; how the evocation of "borders" and "boundaries" is not a new idea, but an ancient trope reused throughout history for steering narrative claims; and how world-systems theory enables a broader understanding of theological education and librarianship. Speakers AE Anthony Elia. Friday June 14, am - am Port McNeil. Feel free to order a box lunch during the registration process and join us to eat together, or plan to get your lunch elsewhere after the meeting.

Friday June 14, am - pm Parksville. Atla and SCELC continue to negotiate with vendors specifically for resources in religion and theology that will be of interest to our libraries.

Is the Bahá'í Faith a World Religion?

As our relationship continues to grow, Atla and SCELC are exploring other ways to provide Atla members compelling benefits and useful programs. In addition, come and learn about SCELC's growing Shared Print program, and how your libraries might participate in shared print in the future. RB Rick Burke. Friday June 14, pm - pm Port Alberni. Essential Resource or Money Pit? Board Members' and Administrators' Perceptions of Theological Libraries The In Trust Center for Theological Schools conducted a survey and interviews with board members and senior administrators of ATS schools to find out what they think about their own libraries.

The answers are complex.